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Dear Visitor,
It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

At Secondary School of Commerce we provide further education for students aged between 15 and 19 and Adult Learners. We are a state-funded school and have a long history of retail education and training in and today we serve students of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests. We also cater for foreign students, students who have particular learning needs and part-time adult students. Part-time courses for adults are run on site from late afternoon or in the evenings. We provide quality advice and guidance to ensure that the programme our students select enables them to progress to the next stage of their career, whether to Higher Education or to Employment.  This will help them achieve the best possible results in their chosen subjects.

Our school offers different programmes:

  • Secondary vocational education (3 years)
  • Vocational-technical education (upgrade of the Secondary vocational education 3+2 years)
  • Secondary technical education (4 years).

Students can choose between different vocations:

  • retail/shop assistant (also known as Counter Sales Assistant, Cashier, Customer Service Assistant)
  • salesperson/man/woman
  • salesclerk
  • visual merchandiser.

Excursions to Vienna, Salzburg, Venice and London, visits and tours are organized as part of our courses. There are plenty of activities and events each year to get involved in, including various art exhibitions, sports competitions, school newspaper, Animal Care Students and other extracurricular activities.

Secondary School of Commerce is listening to its students more than ever before.  This has had a direct impact in the design of our curriculum, tutorial system and the continued improvements in the quality of our teaching and learning.

We are especially proud of our achievements in supporting students with particular learning needs. Our tutorial system is outstanding. We have designated teachers to advise and support students on specific issues. A tutor’s role is as the intermediary between the student and the school. A tutor keeps an eye on the student’s academic progress, is available to advise and support the student if he comes up against personal difficulties of any kind. Students must see their tutor at least once a week. The tutors and the teachers hold regular weekly meetings, together with the school counselor to discuss welfare issues.

At our school we are not only interested in helping our students achieve good results, but also in helping them to develop as a person, to find their own way and to realize their potential.

We look forward to meeting you.

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